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Carole Thorburn

The owner & your host at PilaSki.

Carole Thorburn

I am a BASI qualified ski instructor and Race Coach. Although I do not instruct very often now I do take ski guiding groups almost every day.

I have specialised knowledge of Pila where I live 8 months of the year, have a great working relationship with Pila resort and I am fluent in Italian.

As well as package type holidays, Pilaski has created an affordable tailor made holiday experience, where clients are looked after, from start to finish. 80% of my clients return to Pila.

Pilaski offers holidays to all, from individuals, families to groups of any size. Let us know your needs/requirements and we will do the rest.

We also work with the Caring Cancer Trust, Special Olympics and English Schools Ski Team (ESSKIA). 

With Pilaski you will get a personalized experience. I ski and spend time with my clients, not just at the end of a phone.
No call centres, no speaking to someone that does not know the resort, no hard sell and if by any chance I don’t know the answer, I will find out!